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Your Best Self Plan

Strength in community

At Concierge Fitness, the number one goal is to build a powerful group of woman who will support you through your journey. 

You will attend a one hour "basics" nutrition seminar live with coach John Schwenker who will guide you through making minor adjustments to YOUR normal diet. After that, you will recieve DAILY unique videos from coach John for motivation, knowledge development and direction. 

Finally, fitness! This may seem scary to people, but this is where you have the most variety. Nutrition is the cornerstone, and activity is what enhances your results. We have programs ranging from walking only, to progressive interval walking (slow to fast,) to no equipment home workouts, to fully created gym workouts! All plans will help you achieve your goal of living an active, healthy lifestyle! 

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100% Accountability

This plan is not for everyone, and not necessary for everyone. Every single woman will be able to change their life with The Every Woman Plan, and I encourage everyone to start there, it is often above and beyond what you need.

The Platinum Package is different.

This is for women wanting to take their training and nutrition to the next level. This is for women who have succeeded with The Every Woman Plan.


Now, you want custom fitness and nutrition plans. You want weekly check-ins with coach John for maximum accountability. You want to join the private Platinum Group to dive deeper into nutrition, fitness, habit building and permanant lifestyle change.

Contact coach John for further details.