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The mission at Concierge Fitness is to create and foster a community of dedicated women. We commit to providing our members with the support, accountability and knowledge to be able to live YOUR best life. 

We will change your life, without flipping it upside down.


Your coach specializing in habit formation, nutrition, fitness and creating a powerful community

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5+ Years

After receiving a diploma in Fitness and Health Promotions from Niagara College, I continued my formal education to get my Degree in the Science of Kinesiology from Guelph University. Over the years I have obtained many different certifications and titles in the health and fitness world.

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10 Years Coaching

Personal training, group coaching, CrossFit coaching, and training World Record holding athletes, I've lead ALL levels of people. Over the last few years I have taken the study of habit formation seriously. Reading all available literature and using what I've learned with my clients with great success to enable lifelong change.

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Since day 1

CrossFit was my life. I am competitive. While I coached for years, I discovered a simple truth that stands above all else. Community is the number 1 reason for long term success. You need to be accountable to people other than yourself to get you through the hard days. I will continue to grow and encourage our community to ensure everyone receives the support they need.



My passion continues to be helping people that have struggled turning health and fitness into a lifestyle. Using principles of habit formation and applying them to nutrition and fitness, I combine my love of health and psychology to help people change their life.

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Because you can do it too.

"Thank you again it's because of you. Last night I didn't do my exercises right after work. We ate then went to Costco, came home and walked the dogs. I realized I didn't do my night routine so I went downstairs and did it where if I wasn't accountable to you, I would have went right to bed. Thank you.


"It's getting easier! I still focus on the exercise, but now I'm not worried about doing it wrong. When we started I didn't know the difference between a squat and a lunge! Now I know that these are both going to help my legs!! Can't wait for tomorrow!


"Today was one of my hardest days at the office. If I had to go to the gym , it wouldn't have happened, ever. I put on my workout clothes, and had the workout done in less than ten minutes start to finish. I felt so much better after. At least I won't feel bad about that glass of Riesling now haha!