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Isn't it the best feeling when you start getting those compliments from friends and family like "wow you look great!" and "have you been working out?" 

It gives you a joyful sense of accomplishment that your hard work has been paying off. 

But then, at some point you begin to lose motivation.

You begin to fall back into your old habits.

Those compliments begin to fade away...

Why does this happen?

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Meet Jenn.

You probably know a Jenn.

Hey, you may even see a bit of yourself in Jenn.

Jenn just finished another long day at work. She does it all.

Jenn woke up early (after staying up a little too late so she could attempt relaxing,) helped the kids get ready for school and make it to the bus on time before rushing off to work.


She had just enough time to grab her double double fresh from under the Keurig.

She works all day. At lunch, she either has leftovers from dinner or eats whatever she can get out of vending machines while picking at the snacks commonly found in her kids lunchboxes. 

When she gets home, the work continues.


The kids should probably eat at least one green thing today... Time to prep dinner. 


The picture posted to the right is not "Jenn". It is coach John's Mom (right) and superstar client Kim (left) who are both CONSISTENTLY exercising for the first time in their lives! 

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After forcing the family to sit down for 5 minutes, you get a few minutes of quality time between multiple phones vibrating with notifications from Instagram, TikTok, Messaging and the other new app with the name you won't be able to remember until it's not cool anymore (Facebook anyone?) 

This ends the dine-and-dash.

Jenn looks towards the fridge, and sees her sisters formal looking invitation to the family reunion she is hosting next month in July.

Taking her eyes off the fridge, she notices her beautiful patio table and chairs outside her and her husband bought last summer. Maybe they've sat in it a total of 3 times enjoying the short summer? Even at 7:00pm the sun is beaming down on it. It looks like the unusually warm Spring will turn into and even warmer Summer. 

The thought creeps in that it's definitely going to be hot at her sister's party. The opportunity to wear extra layers won't be there. This isn't like last Christmas party featuring the "nice" fluffy sweater your mother-in-law bought you. 

It's been a couple hectic months so Jenn hasn't been able to exercise often and eat well. Truth be told, it's been a couple years with no sign of slowing down.

Clean up, pack the kid's lunches, and put the leftover in Tupperware. It's now 8:30pm.

Does Jenn finally go to the gym? The gym she has been trying to get to since she recieved the party invitation 3 weeks ago?

Should she put on her gym clothes, drive 10 minutes to the gym, workout for an hour, drive 10 minutes home, and take another hour to mentally wind down after? Or, does she collapse on the couch with her husband and watch the Haunting of Hill House, Season 2?

Tomorrow is a new day.

"Press play hun."


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Then this is for you!

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